Grandaffairs is an ICT based Publishing and Education outfit with focus on leveraging modern technologies for improving teaching, learning and publishing of educational books.  We have published many ICT books for close to two decades and have assisted in training people on how to make use of  ICT to improve quality of teaching and learning. We assist schools in improving the quality of teaching by using digital technology. This approach brings out the best in teachers so that they can perform better in their job. This way, every school is capable of improving its branding.  Also, we recruit qualified candidates for jobs in schools. Click the appropriate link 'Job Centre Plus' on our page to apply for a job.


Grandaffairs will assist schools in conducting educational tour to places of interest in Nigeria on demand.  In 2016, Grandaffairs moved some group of staff and students by train from Iddo, Lagos to the hinterland. In 2015, Grandaffairs organized educational tour to selected TV stations.  In 2014, Grandaffairs organized educational tour to food and beverages industry in Lagos.  In 2012, Grandaffairs took some children on visits to the Airport and Newspapers House. For details on educational visits, please contact There is a proposal to show the learners other parts of Nigeria in the future. Please contact us for details.


A school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. They are common in primary and secondary schools in various countries. Grandaffairs is involved in the procurement and distribution of schools uniform and materials.  Our uniforms are smart, durable and reliable.  Contact us for details.


Our books are well edited, straight to the point and easily available on 'demand'. Our marketing strategy is to publish only when the book is needed.  This way, we minimize the cost of production and allow for diverse improvement on newer edition, using digital technology.  We have the capacity for working under tight schedule to produce an unbelievably clean finished work.


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