To say that ICT drives everything nowadays is an understatement. This is why our company is very concerned about its application to solve many existing management and administrative problems. Our ICT solutions are in two categories; Basic and Advanced.


  • Web Designing.  This website is powered by us and we have been designing websites since 1997.  Our designs are simple, attractive and affordable.  The details of our capabilities in web designing are best explained through visits to the following sites:,,
  • Accounting Tools.  The use of database, spreadsheet and word processing to facilitate automated production of school bills, school results and others are what we do with passion.  Please contact us for details.
  • Smartphone.  We assist our clients to use smartphone as parts of the ICT Solutions.  We assist in the procurement of such phones at affordable price.  We train our clients on how to engage themselves profitably using smartphones.
  • Social Media. As you must have observed from our links, we make use of social media to solve many problems. We use the vimeo, youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook and other media for purposeful solutions.


For details of our ICT please click on 'Our ICT' link or go to click the appropriate link on our webpage.

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